Understanding your menopause EBook

Understanding your menopause EBook

Understanding your menopause 

If you’re fed up of contradicting information, or explanations that don’t go deep enough and would like to really get to grips of knowing what is causing your symptoms and most importantly practical achievable advice on what to do then this book steps through helping you manage and alleviate major menopause symptoms in a matter of weeks. 

It’s a case of just knowing what to do and how!

Andrea is a Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and she is also heavily perimenopausal, on the verge of menopause. Once Andrea was shocked into finding out what all her symptoms could be attributed to at the age of 46 she set about doing something about it. Using the theory of chinese medicine to understand how all the symptoms relate to one another, she then spent the next couple of years researching further including the right supplements to take (the basic vitamins and minerals you can pick up at the Supermarket!). Andrea helps women alleviate their symptoms naturally, gives regular talks on what to do and has just released a cream with essential oils to alleviate heat symptoms.

Andrea is passionate about helping women understand where they are, what to expect in the future, and what to do about it. Seen through the eyes of the theory of Chinese Medicine this is a practical guide, with no nonsense advice, without expensive consultations and price tags.

This is the first book you should buy on the Menopause to get your head straight and give you clear advice on where to go and what to do next. It’s an expanded version of the talk that I give regularly. 

In 2019 Andrea helped over 500 women understand their menopause with clarity, and with practical everyday solutions.

85 packed pages of information, this isn’t a glossy celeb- endorsed pamphlet, this is the real deal!

Feed back about Andrea:

“I have purchased your book and I’m reading with great interest. Lots I didn’t know.I started to get fed up of everyone else’s opinion on menopause so it’s both refreshing and empowering to understand the ‘science’ behind hormonal changes and how to address them in a pragmatic way.” Sharon

​”I have purchased your book after attending one of your talks. I am hoping it will make as big a difference as my arms have relieving the itchy skin, through lemon in hot water, magnesium and your cream.” Fiona

​”If you have the opportunity to attend one of Andrea’s talks then don’t miss it. She is knowledgeable, interesting and above all shares loads of practical advice that you can implement immediately.” Janet

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