Perimenopause specific

Could it be Perimenopause  

Dr Steven R Goldstien & Laurie Ashner 

Management of the Menopause

British Menopause Society


Katarina Wilkt


The Mindful Menopause

Clarissa Hughes

The Magic of Menopause

Lorraine Miano 

Grow Your Own HRT

Sally j Duffell

Menopause, The Answers

Dr Rosemary Leonard

What Would Virginia Woolf Do?

Nina Lorez Collins

Flash Count Diary

Darcey Steinke

The Change

Germaine Greer

Wild Power

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

The Female Brain

Dr. Brizendine

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause

Dr John R Lee with Virginia Hopkins

The Estrogen Alternative

Dr Steven R Goldstien & Laurie Ashner


Haynes Publishing 

Estrogen Matters

Avrum Bluming and Carol Tarris

Eating Well for Menopause

Dr Laura Wyness and Lynn Burns

Useful links

If you are experiencing these symptoms younger than expected, the Daisy Network can provide support and assistance:

In the UK, find your local menopause clinic on this site:

In North America, you can get really helpful local support from here:

For women in Canada, you can find local help here:

Australasian women can find local information here: