Do you want to start getting more active?

Maybe you’re a keen exerciser but your body wants you to try something different. The experts in the fitness Hub can help you. Whether you want advice on yoga or powerlifting, or anything in between, check out the experts’ websites and see who is right for you. Please remember that each of these experts is qualified and self-employed, so they will charge accordingly for their services.

Fitness hub experts

Caroline Kerslake

caroline kerslake
Personal trainer

Julie Ann Garrido
Yoga Teacher

Fiona Pitt

Fiona Pitt
Personal Trainer

Tracy Seider
Movement Coach

Jennifer Yellin Snyder

jennifer yellin snyder

Mary doube
Creator of strong formula

Dominique Cocuzza

dominique cocuzza
Personal Trainer

Debbie Klemptner

debbie klemptner
HealTh coach

 Nikki Hughes 

Nikki Hughes
Health & Wellness Coach