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Hi, I’m Emily,

I’m a perimenopausal woman who spent too long trying to get answers. I decided that if I was struggling, then so would women like you, and that I could bring together experts to help us all find our best route through this life stage.

Welcome along

Meet the experts

Kate driver - Holistic Expert

Kate driver

Sally Bolinger

Sally Bolinger

Caroline Phipps-Urch

Caroline Phipps-Urch
Yoga Teacher

Sandra Wilson

Sandra Wilson
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Lowri Culley

Lowri culley
Body and Wellbeing Coach

Lesley Morrison

Lesley Morrison
Fitness Instructor

Emma roache
Life coach

Ruth Tarrant

Ruth Tarrant
British Weightlifting Instructor

Maryon Stewart

Maryon Stewart
Healthcare expert

Sara Southgate

Sara Southgate
Stress & Anxiety Specialist

Caroline Keatinge


Nicole Buratti
Sex & relationship expert

Heidi Vanregan

Heidi Vanregan
Skincare expert

Sally Baker

Sally baker
Senior Therapist

Inna Duckworth

Inna Duckworth
Medical Herbalist

Emma Jayne

Emma Jaynes
Peer Coach

Charlotte Barton

Charlotte Barton


claire doherty
Certified Medical Intuitive

Jane Pangbourne
Menopause Mentor


dr lara briden

Julie Ann Garrido

Julie Ann Garrido
Yoga Teacher

Gracienne Jean Pierre

Gracienne Jean Pierre
Integrative & Lifestyle medicine Consultant

Melissa Cliffe

Melissa Cliffe


Carys Puleston
Eating Disorders Counsellor

Elizabeth M. Johnson

Elizabeth M Johnson
Trauma Educator


dr Nicola Barclay
dr of sleep medicine


debi haden
Life and Mindset Coach


Susannah Alexander
Nutritional Therapist

Marcelle Maisel
Health and Wellness Coach


Helen Hardware


dr susie unsworth

Tracy Seider
Movement Coach

Clare Shepherd

Clare Shepherd
nutritional therapist

Sam Mchugh

Sam McHugh
Magnet/wellness consultant

Lorraine Miano

Lorraine Miano
Health & Hormone Coach

Tanya Stricek Acceptance Expert

Tanya Stricek

Kerry Dolan Holistic expert

Kerry Dolan
Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching practitioner

Andrea Marsh Profile

Andrea Marsh
Natural Menopause Solutions Practitioner

Lesley Waldron women’s health and fitness coach

Lesley Waldron
health and fitness coach

Claire Butler

Claire Butler
Personal Stylist

Wendi Mclean

Wendi Mclean

Nicky Travlos

Nicky Travlos

Clarissa Kristjansson

Clarissa Kristjansson
Menopause Transition Expert

Celia Boothman

Celia Boothman
LTR coaching owner

Jade Blinkhorn

Jade Blinkhorn
women’s health expert

Sonya Gibbons

Sonya gibbons
RN & Welles’s coach

Carol Fenner

Carol fenner
Healer and Mentor

Victoria Howell
Menopause Nurse.

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recommended reading list

Could it be Perimenopause  

Dr Steven R Goldstien & Laurie Ashner 


Katarina Wilkt

Management of the Menopause

British Menopause Society

For more books visit our recommended book corner.

Useful links

If you are experiencing these symptoms younger than expected, the Daisy Network can provide support and assistance: https://www.daisynetwork.org/

In the UK, find your local menopause clinic on this site: https://thebms.org.uk/find-a-menopause-specialist/

In North America, you can get really helpful local support from here: https://www.menopause.org/

For women in Canada, you can find local help here: https://www.menopauseandu.ca/

Australasian women can find local information here: https://www.menopause.org.au/