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In this month’s series of webinars, we speak to various experts about stress.

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How stress can affect us and how to manage it

Hi, I’m Emily

I’m a perimenopausal woman who spent too long trying to get answers. I decided that if I was struggling, then so would women like you, and that I could bring together experts to help us all find our best route through this life stage.

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Are you stressed out?

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Herbs & Supplements

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Changing exercise habits as you change

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Can HRT help protect my heart?

Holistic hub

How Anxiety and Gut Health are linked in Menopause

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Fatigue – An interview with Dr Nicola Barclay

Medical hub

Can antidepressants help Menopausal symptoms?

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Useful links

If you are experiencing these symptoms younger than expected, the Daisy Network can provide support and assistance:

In the UK, find your local menopause clinic on this site:

In North America, you can get really helpful local support from here:

For women in Canada, you can find local help here:

Australasian women can find local information here: