Holistic advice

If you prefer to tackle your symptoms in a holistic fashion, rather than taking medication, our experts can help you.

Whether you wish to discover how to balance your hormones or unravel past trauma, you’re in the right place.

Please remember that each of these experts is qualified and self-
employed, so they will charge accordingly for their services.

Holistic hub experts

Andrea Marsh Profile

Andrea Marsh
Natural Menopause Solutions Practitioner

Polly Warren

Polly warren
Perimenopause Health Coach

Dionne Myers

Dionne Myers
Yoga wellness therapist

Geraldine Joaquim

Geraldine Joaquim
Sleep specialist & Wellness Coach

Lori McCully

lori mccully
Consulting Hypnotist and Psychic Medium

Tina Belt

tina belt

Annika Carroll

Annika Carroll
Sleep & Health Coach for women and the CEO of Sleep Like A Boss

melissa ayres
Perimenopause/ Menopause Coach

Naomi Harris

naomi harris
naturopath and sexual and genital pain expert

Shaheen Jaffery

Shaheen Jaffery
Reflexology Expert