Holistic advice

If you prefer to tackle your symptoms in a holistic fashion, rather than taking medication, our experts can help you.

Whether you wish to discover how to balance your hormones or unravel past trauma, you’re in the right place.

Please remember that each of these experts is qualified and self-
employed, so they will charge accordingly for their services.

Meet the experts

Justine Chomski MacDonald

Justine Chomski MacDonald

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Claire Doherty
Certified medical intuitive

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Helen Hardware

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Tracy Seider headshot

Tracy Seider
Movement Coach

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Bari Levin
Founder of Devaya Yoga

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Sam Mchugh

Sam Mchugh
Magnet/wellness consultant

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Lorraine Miano

Lorraine Miano
Health & Hormone Coach

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Kerry Dolan Holistic expert

Kerry Dolan
Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching practitioner

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