Fitness hub experts

Lesley Waldron

Personal trainer

Caroline Kerslake

Personal trainer

Julie Ann Garrido

Yoga Teacher

Caroline Phipps-Urch

Yoga Teacher

Lesley Morrison

Fitness Instructor

Fiona Pitt

Personal Trainer

Tracy Seider

Movement Coach

Nutrition hub experts

Jackie Lynch

WellWellWell Nutritional Therapy

Susannah Alexander

Nutritional Therapist

Tanya Stricek


Sally Bolinger


Elizabeth Lake


Farah Kariamburi

Menopause Nutrition & Fitness coach

Michaela Newsom

Nutritional Therapy & Life Coaching

Laura Viale


Acceptance hub experts

Wendy Windle

Life Coach

Heidi Vanregan

Skincare Expert

Claire Butler

Personal Stylist

Jo Howarth

Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness practitioner

Debi Haden

Life and Mindset Coach

Kekezza Reece

Coach & Mentor

Emma Roache

Life Coach

Lauren Dicair

Clinical Social Worker & Sexologist

Lesley Tait

Menopause & Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Medical hub experts

Dr Claire Macaulay

Oncology Doctor

Sahar Hooti

Acupuncture Practitioner

Jane Pangbourne

Peri Menopause Educator

Inna Duckworth

Medical Herbalist

Hannah Charman

Medical Herbalist

Nicky Travlos

APPI Modified Pilates Instructor

Holistic hub experts

Kerry Brind

Qigong Teacher

Claire Doherty

Certified Medical intuitive

Jade Blinkhorn

Women’s health expert

Sandra Wilson

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sally Baker

Award winning Senior Therapist

Lowri Culley

Body & Wellbeing Coach

Kerry Dolan

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching practitioner

Andrea Marsh

Natural Menopause Solutions Practitioner

Sam McHugh

Magnet/Wellness consultant

Sara Southgate

BSc., ND, Dip. Herb, Dip Class K, MURHP, Naturopath and NLP Coach

Kate Driver


Gill Bauer

Women’s Health Specialist

Polly Warren

Perimenopause Health Coach

Jacqui Olliver

Psychosexual Alignment Specialist

Nic Pendregaust


Cheryl Lee

Exercise Referral Specialist & Registered Somatic Movement Educator

Jane McPhillips