The Perimenopause Hub has come about to provide information, support and expert help to guide each woman through this stage of her life in the way she chooses. We are all different, some women find that HRT suits them very well, others prefer to manage their symptoms by altering their diet, while others prefer a more holistic route.

Furthermore, some women find that once they understand what is going on, they just want help navigating the changes in their body so they can take on the next phase of their life. There is no right or wrong way to ride this rollercoaster, here at the Hub we want to help you find YOUR way.

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Could it be Perimenopause  

Dr Steven R Goldstien & Laurie Ashner 


Katarina Wilkt

Management of the Menopause

British Menopause Society

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If you are experiencing these symptoms younger than expected, the Daisy Network can provide support and assistance:

In the UK, find your local menopause clinic on this site:

In North America, you can get really helpful local support from here:

For women in Canada, you can find local help here:

Australasian women can find local information here: