Perimenopause Hub Corporate 

Let’s start the conversation around menopause and perimenopause.

In your business, if you have employees in their 30s, 40s and 50s they, or their spouse, will likely be affected. 

We usually think of menopause affecting only women in their 50s. We think of it being just about hot flushes. However, it’s so much more. 

Let’s bust some of those myths:

Myth one:

Menopause is just hot flushes

Actually, the list of symptoms is about 40 long, including anxiety, poor concentration, cold flushes, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog. 

Myth two:

It only affects women in their 50s

Perimenopause (the time leading up to a woman’s menopause) can last for 10-12 years, so while the average age in the UK for menopause is 51, it is very common to start experiencing symptoms from late 30s. Furthermore, menopause can happen much younger, although this is rare. The youngest I know of someone going through it is just 14.

Myth three:

A woman can look to her mother and grandmother’s experience to get an idea of how her menopause will pan out.

Sadly not. While in some families early or late menopause might be more usual, the level of a woman’s symptoms is not dictated by genetics.

Myth four:

Since it’s something all women go through, everyone should just get on with it.

Each woman has a different experience of menopause, with some reaching a point of feeling suicidal, while others have very mild symptoms. 

Myth five:

A workplace just needs to offer menopausal women a fan on their desk, and they’ll be fine.

‘Fraid not. A little understanding and flexibility goes a long way. During this life stage women may have days when they feel awful, they may be experiencing anxiety at the slightest thing, they may feel very isolated. Studies have shown many women have quit their job while going through perimenopause because they don’t feel supported or that they can talk to their managers about their struggles

If you value your people, obviously you want them to feel heard, understood and supported. You want them to be thriving, not just surviving. You want to keep their resilience up so that your productivity remains high. 

For you to gain more comprehension around this life stage and how to support your people, we can help. We take time to understand your business, understand what you and your people need. We deliver tailored presentations and can follow up with coaching and mentoring to those of your people who are experiencing their perimenopause or menopause right now so they understand their symptoms and how to get the help and support they need, both from you, their employer, and from their doctor. Further to this, we can help you with your menopause policy so everyone in your business is on the same page.