Medical Support

These experts work in the medical field, in General Practice, Sleep Medicine, Psychology.

They can give advice and support on mainstream ways to navigate through Perimenopause.

Please remember that each of these experts is qualified. Some are unable to take on clients, but can advise and support, while others are self-employed, so will charge accordingly for their services.

Medical hub experts


Dr Susie Unsworth

Jane Pangbourne
Peri Menopause Educator

Inna Duckworth
Medical Herbalist

Sahar Holistic Hub expert

Sahar Hooti
Acupuncture Practitioner

Dr Claire Macaulay

Dr Claire Macaulay
oncology doctor

Hannah Charman

Hannah Charman
medical Herbalist

Kate driver - Holistic Expert

Kate Driver

Nicky Travlos

Nicky Travlos
APPI Modified Pilates Instructor