Wendy windle

Wendy Windle

Life Coach

I’m Wendy Windle, the Love Your Bloody Self Coach, on a mission to have every woman be her own best friend. I create the frequency of transformation that allows you to break out of the “good girl” box, quit holding yourself back, and wake up the you you’re meant to be. Drawing on decades of experience as a meditation teacher, circle facilitator and growth mindset educator, I can support you to reconnect with the one person who can ignite lasting change in your life: YOU. I offer bespoke 1:1 coaching, workshops, masterclasses, mediation classes, sister circles and inspirational keynotes.

If you’re tired of being the person everyone else expects you to be, but you don’t have the confidence to really go for your bigger vision. I’ve got you. By connecting into your soul purpose, consciously developing your intuition, and radically upgrading your mindset you’ll discover the self esteem and magic spark you crave. 

What Clients Say: 

What’s changed for me? It’s a major shift. All the goals I had when I began, had in common that I had somehow had turned the lights off. And by the end of the series they were back on. I got back my genuine passion and excitement. I finally managed to claim all of my qualities with confidence. I know my uniqueness. I feel grounded and blissed out at the same time. My colleagues are all asking, “Why do you look so good?!” I’m happy! With simple actions and tasks, Wendy helped me see things so clearly. She let me be open and vulnerable and held me in a space of love and support. What I have achieved is beyond my wildest dreams. – Veronica