Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Hip Specialist Physiotherapist, UK

Hello! I’m Victoria and I have a huge passion for helping women with hip pain.

Over my 23-year career as a physiotherapist, I have learnt that many factors can have an impact on hip and pelvic pain. These include the menopause (huge influence!), stress/ anxiety and pelvic health. Often these factors are not considered by healthcare practionners which can lead to a cycle of continuing symptoms- extremely frustrating when you want to get your life back on track!

Both in my NHS and private work, I take time to listen to the whole journey behind your symptoms and pride myself on seeing the bigger picture. I work largely with perimenopausal women and as a perimenopausal women with a hip condition myself, I strongly identify within this community!

You can join my facebook group which is dedicated to help people with hip pain

And if you are suffering from the hip condition Gluteal Tendinopathy (or you may know it as bursitis) I have designed an online programme to help you learn how to manage this debilitating condition. This condition affects a huge number of perimenopausal women and can often rumbles on for years!

If this sounds like you, you can purchase your programme here:

I also offer in person and online one to one consultations which you can book by dropping me a message here:

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