Victoria Howell

Menopause Nurse.

Victoria is the founder of Victoria Howell Health & Wellbeing and provides both 1-1 Menopause consultations, workshops and Menopause Awareness & Support in the Workplace, in addition to training primary care clinicians in the menopause and vulval health conditions.

Victoria has trained with the British Menopause Society, IMS & Primary Care Women’s Health Forum.

She is delighted to be a nurse expert in the  Perimenopause Hub and is proud of what Emily Barker has achieved.

She has worked in the NHS since 1999 in community nursing, practice nursing and CHC management & now as independent menopause and women’s health nurse

Victoria’s passion is supporting women through their perimenopause pathway or ‘peri pathway’. She believes that by informing women with the right evidence based information, that they can feel empowered to make the right choice for them.

There is a vast array of symptoms that can arise and impact on a woman due to fluctuating and diminishing levels of oestrogen. Some women experience mild symptoms that are bearable to them. Whilst others really suffer immensely with a detrimental impact on their physical, emotional and mental health. Women’s confidence and self-esteem can take a huge dip, energy levels can go South while fatigue is like a heavy blanket and all symptoms can impact on their enjoyment of life.

The average age of menopause is 51 however, many women start with the peri-menopause years prior to this and it can happen at any time. Some women have premature ovarian insufficiency, and this can even happen during the 20’s. There is also surgical induced menopause following hysterectomy/oophorectomy. Victoria believes that regardless of age and cause, women deserve the right support.

Many women tell Victoria that they ‘miss who they were’, they report symptoms such as ‘no or very low energy’, they no longer feel any ‘joy about things’, they may have diminished concentration levels and forget what they were saying midsentence. These are just a tiny sample of peri-menopause symptoms.

“What works for your friend may well not work for you, our menopause is as unique as we are as people; so it is important to get professional advice from a GP or Nurse that specialises in menopause”.

Victoria provides both face to face and Zoom consultations. At all times ensuring your privacy and confidentiality of information. You will have the opportunity to share your symptoms in a safe environment and talk about how they may be impacting on your personal and/or professional life and how it is making you feel. You will have a full holistic assessment of your needs to enable you to make the right choices for you, with full support.

“I feel very privileged to be able to support women through what can be a very difficult time in their lives. It is great to see many women reap positive benefits and get their mojo back”.

“The menopause is not the end of your journey, it can be the start of an extremely exciting new one”.

Victoria is a registered nurse and has invested in Menopause training to ensure that accurate, up to date evidence-based practice can be shared. Because quality experience and knowledge matters.



DipHe Nursing Adult
PG Cert Health Care Leadership
BSc (Open)
Coach Mentor Practitioner DipHe

Professional Memberships:
Nursing and Midwifery Council
Primary Care Women’s Health Forum
British Menopause Society
Royal College of Nursing