Varsha Chawla

Certified hormone health coach

Varsha has helped many women navigate perimenopause. She’s a firm believer in balancing what brings you joy with implementing nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits that deliver results. As a former systems engineer, wife of a tech entrepreneur, mom of two highly energetic boys, and half marathoner, she’s lived the life of taking on too much and nourishing her body too little.

The chronic fatigue, acne, joint pain, weight gain, digestive issues, hair loss, and mood swings that she experienced led her to learn how to heal herself and become a certified health coach. She loves working with women of all ages and backgrounds and believes that healing does NOT have to be restrictive or boring. She would love to help you figure out what fits into your lifestyle, so you can have more energy, show up for your family, and feel like you’re in charge of your body. Because you totally are, beautiful lady! 


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