Tracy Seider 

Peri/Menopause Pain and Shape Specialist (aka Audacious Aging Coach)

Hi! I’m Tracy. Creator of the online Reshape Method™ program and host of the Peri & Menopause Movement Club Facebook community.

I’m a certified midlife Movement & Posture Specialist on a mission to help women lose the body aches, get the silhouette they love, and age with audacious confidence and strength – without doing endless cardio, feeling guilty about skipping workouts, or having your massage therapist on speed-dial.

My online biomechanics-based movement method for busy, deskbound women 45+ will get you looking better, feeling better & aging well so that your strong, agile body matches your strong, agile mind.

After working 20+ years as an editor and overcoming my own figure change, confidence issues, and aches and pains in my mid-40s, I’m passionate about showing women that they do not have to accept a ‘new normal’ as they age that is anything less than wonderful.

I teach simple yet powerful biomechanics-based exercises that get you working out smarter, not harder – and which create fabulous figure-shaping and pain-relieving results.

I show you how to get the benefits of exercise without the sweat, pain or time-suck!

Plus, I teach you how to integrate these movements into your life, so that you can get the benefits when you’re standing, sitting, working, or just walking around.

I’m pain-free, slimmer, stronger, and happier at 50+ than I was 10 years ago … and you can be too.

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