Tanya Stricek Acceptance Expert

Tanya Stricek


Turning 50 is one of life’s greatest transitions!
It doesn’t feel like that some days, does it?

I’m Tanya, and I am a midlife fur and human mom, and EX professional dieter.
I help Midlife women, like us, create a bridge between chronic dieting and TRUE health in midlife.

I’ve spent years as a Dental Hygienist, talking to women about health.
“I’ve gained weight” was a TOP complaint. Sound familiar?

Truly, it was MY complaint too. 

I decided to train in Mindful Eating, Behaviour Coaching, and Holistic Nutrition, to FIX that complaint. It took a while to realize, I didn’t need fixing, and you don’t either.

Your Food & Body relationship does.

We’re aging, and lucky to be doing it. 

How can I help you create TRUE health menopause without the never ending stream of diets?
By sharing:

– Flexible, Holistic, Weight Inclusive Nutrition.

– Conscious Eating as a Trained Mindful Eating Coach.

– Mindfulness & Meditation, for food struggles and stress management.
– Holistic hormone support, with a key being Gut Health.
– My years of client support in Allopathic and Holistic dental hygiene. 

Grab my FREE Guide to Food & Body Freedom in Menopause, with 7 Support steps to help you get started! 

You can connect with me on Facebook @amindfulnutritionist, Instagram @amindfulnutritionist. Clubhouse @mindnutrition or on The Fullness Podcast on iTunes or Spotify!