Tanya Stricek Acceptance Expert

Tanya Stricek

Mindful Eating & Health Coach

Perimenopause and beyond should be a time of liberation not frustration.

We owe ourselves PERMISSION. To be who we are right now, in the bodies we are in. Yes, we need to optimize our hormones & nourish ourselves physically.

What about the rest of it?

The part where we feel we are losing our youth, our bodies, our skin, and even our minds. Career, partners, aging parents and an empty nest. Makes me want to hide under the covers with ice cream just thinking about it. I am a self professed fridge hugger. I felt like life was just work, struggle, eat, repeat. Mindful Eating taught me that I can nourish my body with things other than FOOD. 

I have also been a single mom, a sandwich mom, a blended mom, a dog mom, (my zoo is on Instagram @mind_meet_food) and a frazzled woman, who struggled with food and self perception since early childhood.

My name is Tanya Stricek, and I help women begin their peace process with food, so they can change from a place of satisfaction, CHOICE, and NOT struggle. When you feel you have a choice, all the other things that hit you has perspective.

I am knee deep in midlife. I am also a Certified Mindful Eating & Health Coach and a Registered Dental Hygienist, working where the gut begins! 

I am a lifelong learner, currently studying Holistic Nutrition with Nutraphoria. There IS a place for you. You’re just coming of age. 


I want to change the way we see our literal and figurative plates.

Let’s find a way to Build  Better Menopause, holistic, whole person like and begin the peace process, with food, and with ourselves!

It’s OUR turn!