Sara Priestley 

Hi, I’m Sara. I’ve been in the helping professions for almost twenty years, and a coach for the last five of those.

My passion is my free Real Relationships community, where I support people as they navigate the three big relationships – with self, with other people and with the world. 

The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Knowing who you are, what you want, why, and how to get there is a crucial element of being happy and fulfilled. So many women make themselves an after-thought in their own lives, and I want to change that.

I offer a safe, unshockable, space in which to fully integrate what it means to be you, in the absence of the expectations of others. I work with a very grounded, practical spirituality which is centred around you, your needs and your wellbeing.

My speciality is in those big life decisions – to stay or go in a relationship, to make a career change, to move location, to find out who we are in the world when those hormones start shifting, and more –  I call it “Getting Unstuck”, though it’s sometimes also about slowing down enough to not make rash mistakes. What’s important is finding that place of clarity, so you can make conscious choices. There’s a link to my free guide under my photo!

I’ll talk to anyone about anything, and help provide the perspective you need to move forward. It’s not always a comfortable process, we often have to face up to things we might rather ignore – but the prize makes it worthwhile.

Our journey together is one of uncovering, discovering and recovering the essential wholeness of who you are. My priority is to support you in a happy and engaged life, whatever your path.

“I appreciate the compassion I’ve felt from you when I share felt vulnerabilities and pain.” DC
“You made me feel special. I cannot thank you enough!” LS
“I feel heard, and feel safe to express myself.” JL
“You’ve challenged me to stay open to new perspectives and possibilities. Stretched me beyond my old understanding. I’ve felt empowered to continue exploring learning and growing.” SB
“I like how we talk about anything comfortably and there’s usually a cat appearance!  I really like talking without thinking about what i have to say. ” VS
“Exploring how I experience energy in my body has been really fascinating. It’s helped to look and see where I may be storing/holding past trauma/emotions, what may not even belong to my own experience and how I can stop some of this from being felt and known by me.” DP
“Sara, You’ve helped me more than you can ever know!” SM

✓: Free “Getting Unstuck” Guide (


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