Sandra Wilson

Clinical Hypnotherapist

I think I’m a lot like you in many ways.   I liked my life….but I felt that there had always been something missing.   It was that “something missing” feeling that led to my anxiety around who I was, and whether I was good enough.  

On the outside I shone – I was successful, I had a buzzing social life, I had lots of people around me who cared.

I always knew, deep down, that I was anxious and that I just didn’t like myself very much.  I felt uncomfortable in my body. I eventually settled down with someone lovely, who I am still with now, but even that wasn’t enough to address these persistent underlying feelings.   I went through a phase of horrible panic attacks and very bad sleep anxiety.  Part of this was linked to the peri-menopause, which I was certain played a role, and it did act as a catalyst for me to seek help.

I had a few sessions of hypnotherapy to help me to address my insomnia and anxiety which proved to be life-changing.

I’m sharing this because hypnotherapy provided me with valuable insight into how my mind worked, and why I had been coping so badly with insomnia and anxiety.   Once I had learned the core reason why I was struggling to sleep and getting panic attacks, it led to quite a profound journey of self-discovery.  It sounds like a cliché I know, but there is a reason why a cliché is a cliché – they contain aspects of common human experience!  I learned more about why I didn’t value myself, and why I didn’t feel good enough.   I learned to recognise the unhelpful thinking patterns that had plagued me since childhood and that these could be changed, with perseverance and commitment.    I learned that I had a deeply held conviction that I was not good enough and that I could not cope with life’s challenges.  These were the main reasons I was anxious.  

I am still working on them but have made huge progress.   I put myself first sometimes – I think I am worth the effort.   I believe I am worthy of love and as a result I can more easily show love.   I am more resilient now than I ever was.  And most importantly of all – if ever you are feeling undervaluedby others, it probably means you do not value yourself enough.

So, the peri-menopause brought a lot of my underlying issues to the fore.   We are complex, us humans, but we are beautifully simple creatures at the same time.   There is a simplicity in what I offer, there is no complicated analysis or months and months of psychotherapy.   I start by asking you what you want.  What problem do you have that needs to be solved?   If you are here, you are probably… ideal client! I might be able to help you too.