Sandra Wilson

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sandra specialises in helping midlife women in deeply unhappy relationships. Maybe you have been struggling to cope with overwhelming anxiety about the future of your relationship or the quality of your sex life.

You might be feeling trapped, neglected or unloved.  Maybe your body confidence is at an all-time low, and you hate the way you look. You might be turning to wine, chocolate or internet shopping to feel better (or other things that are having a detrimental effect on you, even though they provide an instant feelgood fix)  Maybe you just feel unworthy or undeserving, and unable to shake off this horrible empty feeling.   

Low self worth can happen as a result of growing older, your early life experiences, constantly comparing yourself to others, believing you are just not good enough and lacking the confidence to take action that you probably know you really need to take – especially if it involves speaking up for yourself and asking for what YOU want!    

It does NOT have to be this way and you can get help – you are in the right place right now!   

Did you know that you have a powerful ability deep within you that can allow you to accept and love who you are NO MATTER WHAT?  No matter what kind of childhood you had, no matter how badly others have treated you, no matter how much you have judged and blamed yourself and no matter how much you believe you don’t deserve good things?  Improving your self-esteem can help you build HOPE for a happier future where you are more confident and in control.  You can find the courage to leave a relationship where you are not being valued or treated well, or if it is not meeting your needs in other ways.  Or you can find the confidence to take the action needed to improve your current relationship.  Are you ready to TAKE ACTION? Don’t waste any more of your valuable time fretting – book a call with me right now.


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