Sam Gilbert

Sam Gilbert

Mindset coach

I’m a 3P’s mindset coach (3P’s are based on the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought). I’ve spent many hours learning, researching, attending courses and working alongside my own coach, enabling me to study how the mind and brain works, which has always fascinated me.
I work with people who want to make a change and fully commit to showing up to coaching. I mainly specialise in ladies going through menopause experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression. I help them realise that they are ok, not broken, don’t need to be fixed and already have all the tools within themselves to live life to the full.
I also work with teenagers and men who have mild mental heath issues, along with doing talks on the menopause at conferences, networking events and to corporate businesses.
Before being a coach I spent 33 years in corporate, mainly in senior leadership roles, designing and project managing large retail stores. A big passion of mine was coaching and mentoring my teams and seeing them thrive in their jobs and home life.
Due to a full surgical hysterectomy at the age of 46 I found myself plummeted into the menopause, experiencing lots of symptoms almost over night. Brain fog, forgetfulness, mood swings and extreme fatigue being the worst. I decided I couldn’t cope with going through the menopause and staying in a stressful corporate job at the same time. So I left my career to set up a coaching business, which I absolutely love. It is such a privilege to help others.
In my spare time I like to keep fit, go for long walks, attend networking events and make cakes, (which is my part time second business).

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MOBILE : 07762 613297