Rebecca Franklin

Rebecca Franklin

Family Lawyer

I am a Family Lawyer dealing with issues for both married and unmarried couples under the laws of England and Wales. I have been practising in this area for over 25 years having worked in both large and small firms dealing with clients from all over England, Wales and expats from abroad. As a Wife and Mother myself I am passionate about offering clear advice on all options available to a couple experiencing problems – sometimes that means counselling, sometimes that can mean living separately.

For many people, understandably, the world of separation/divorce is a complete mystery. I expect most people have heard a horror story from a friend or family member. I pride myself on helping clients understand ‘where they stand’ – to know what is or is not likely to happen next. Relationships fascinate me even after all these years of work, I never get bored of listening and I could talk about feelings all day long!

I offer all potential clients an initial 30 minute telephone consultation at no cost. This is all it takes to take back control and remove the uncertainty. All consultations are in complete confidence and with no obligation to instruct me to carry out any work. In the majority of cases I am able to offer fixed fee pricing to ensure that clients stay in control of the costs they are incurring and to ensure clients make the progress they are expecting with no risk of costs spiralling out of control.

 Many clients compliment me for having a straight talking, family centred approach. I am here to make your life easier and to cool things down, not to ramp up the temperature between you and your partner!

 The nicest part of my day is hearing someone say I have made them feel more informed, calmer, reassured, focused.  

Please visit my website where you will find more information about my practice, reviews and helpful blogs and guides. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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