Nikki Hughes 

Nikki Hughes

Health & Wellness Coach

I am Nikki, I am 43 years old and I have over 26 years’ experience in the Health and Wellness Industry including Fitness, Nutrition and Coaching and Mentoring.
I am a Health and Wellness Coach specialising in Strength and Conditioning, metabolic training, Peri to Post Menopause Health and Wellbeing and Nutrition.
I help Ladies through the Menopause rollercoaster so they can confidently embrace this next stage of their life.

Around 6 years ago, numerous clients were experiencing symptoms of Menopause. Symptoms for some that were meaning serious changes to not just their weight and energy levels, but confidence, careers, relationships and even life changing health problems.

It was at that point I researched and qualified as a Peri to Post Menopause Coach to add to my ability to be able to support Women through this time of life.
After having my first Son in 2020 at 41 years old in full lockdown, experiencing mental health decline and receiving support, almost two years later and I myself am experiencing Peri Menopause symptoms.

I am able to relate, understand, show empathy and most of all share my experience and expert advice when it comes to feeling better, gaining confidence back and most of all feeling like you again.

My coaching programmes will provide you with the know how to improve strength, mobility and wellbeing and nourish your body whilst enjoying all the other benefits that brings such as Weight loss, better sleep, more energy, increased confidence and empowerment throughout Menopause.
If you’re looking for help, guidance, support or advice on your Health and Wellbeing or Menopause journey, ask away and I will be happy to help.

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