Nic Pendregaust


I am passionate about supporting women going through the perimenopause or menopause transition – be it an early menopause, surgical or in their 40’s or 50’s. We all have different experiences and that’s OK.

I have lived experience of peri menopause & menopause, so I get you. I can relate. I can empathise. I have been there in the last few years and last year (surgically) and still here, experiencing mid-life, both its challenges as well as the opportunities & endless possibilities.

I can help you focus on self-compassion and self-care during this time. It is a pivotal time in our mid-life, where it is not uncommon to feel grief & loss – for our health & changes with our bodies, feeling “old” and struggling with our identity, children leaving home for university or to setting up home themselves, caring for aging parents, the death of parents, personal illness, divorce or separation, [and] loss of social or financial support and thinking about that last big career change.

With the increase in stressful life events, paired with the biological changes of perimenopause, we are likely to feel overwhelmed & distressed. It can be a real moment of reflection on the past, and what we want the future to hold for us.

This reminder of ageing can be difficult to manage, and we are notorious for not talking about it with friends and family for fear of embarrassment or feeling ashamed.

I support in using the ‘Embers’ step by step therapy plan (, which I am fully trained in, which looks at introducing a range of behavioural & cognitive strategies to manage the psychological symptoms associated with our peri/menopause transition.

This programme supports in looking at restoring the balance in your body, rebalancing the mind with cognitive & behavioural strategies to help manage our stress, anxiety, overwhelm, & build your confidence & self-esteem, so you can reclaim your identity, sense of purpose & rediscover yourself & ‘thrive’ in midlife, as well as addressing environmental influential factors too.

I totally believe in psycho-education paired with therapy to help with this challenging & transformative stage in our midlife, acknowledging the potential symptoms, sense of loss as well as opportunity it brings.


Find purpose – Reconnect with your strong resilient self – Be Empowered.


Embrace this chapter in your life.


It’s a chance to create the life you choose to live for the rest of your life.


Peri Menopause Matters. Menopause Matters.