Melissa MacGowan

Melissa MacGowan

Menopause Coach

Hi, I’m Melissa, mum of four, leadership expert, coach, pancake worshipper and menopause warrior.

I lost a large chunk of my 40’s struggling through menopause at the peak of my corporate executive career. It affected me, my family, and my work. I hit menopause too early whilst managing a big corporate career and a busy, large, multi-age family. I floundered without help & support. With what I know now, I can change that for more women. I researched menopause for 6 years. I collaborated with over 10 health practitioners. Plus, I drew upon my qualifications in Applied Science, Physical Education and Business.

I was not equipped for menopause.

My superpowers and passion lie at the intersection between menopause and leadership. I have coached thousands of women helping them feel whole and in control. If women restore vitality and self-belief through menopause, families, workplaces and society all benefit. My mission is to help female leaders reduce menopause symptoms to survive and thrive in their career and their personal lives. I am also passionate about supporting leadership teams explore and understand menopause to retain women and stay competitive.  


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