Lori McCully

Consulting Hypnotist and Psychic Medium

I’m a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and psychic medium who is is obsessed with my own personal growth and development and helping others.

I’ve spent a lifetime understanding my abilities and tapping in to the spirit world. Through this journey, I’ve learned how to utilize common tools such as meditation and hypnotherapy to pull knowledge and guidance from our spirit team. Over time, I’ve taken this knowledge and put it into an easy to follow process to help everyone utilize these steps to introduce you to your spirit team, get guidance and free yourself from the burdons of past imprints that were placed on your subconscious. – I’ve mastered this process and want to share my learnings with you.

It’s time for you to decide what you really want this year. Perhaps you want to just simply live without the cloud of despair looming over you or you just want the weight of anxiety lifted.

Or maybe it’s time to move through the anxiety into a world where you feel happiness in the daily gifts God gives us – you decide.

If you want to know that your feelings of despair in any are over and you’re ready to move into a life of growth – I’m here to tell you that it is time…

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