Lesley Waldron

Women’s health coach

I am a women’s health and fitness coach. A personal trainer, running coach and women’s health coach. 

In my late 30s I came very close to burnout with young children, a stressful job and one child who hardly slept for 3 years. The symptoms I experienced then were very much like the perimenopause. I used exercise, time outside, meditation and good nutrition to put myself back together again, and then trained so I could help others do the same. 

I enjoy empowering women to enjoy exercise and movement, to connect with their bodies, their natural cycles and with the outdoors. I’ve been interested in the perimenopause since I qualified and mainly work with women in their 40s to help them understand and manage their symptoms with exercise and lifestyle change.

Most of my approach is about taking simple steps daily to support your health and wellbeing and working with the demands of your lifestyle to make the most of where you are. 

be strong – be fit – be well
Personal training, health coaching and run workshops.  

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