Lesley Morrison 

Fitness Instructor 

For over a decade I have been working with women from all walks of life, assisting them in attaining not just weight loss or toned muscles, but a happier, healthier and more sustainable relationship with their body’s and food. 

I work with women every day to help them slow down, take better care of themselves, reconnect with their bodies, release themselves from damaging eating behaviours and habits, and ultimately help them to find self-love and better health. 

I work with the whole person in a holistic and caring way – physically, mentally and emotionally. I strongly believe that our physical wellbeing is deeply connected with our psychological and spiritual wellbeing, and to enjoy our best lives, we need to find balance and peace from within. 

Over my career within the health and fitness industry, I have worked with hundreds of women, and realised that the majority of these women were experiencing the same difficulties in achieving their goals. When looking at the information, I quickly realised the one common denominator. The Menopause.
Having expanded my professional knowledge and qualifications to cater for the Peri to post menopausal stages of life, I now work exclusively with women who are experiencing these hormonal changes (whether that is surgical or natural) and/or Hysterectomy Surgery/Recovery. Combining my vast knowledge of Fitness, Pilates and Yoga teaching, Nutrition Coaching and my Womens Wellbeing Qualifications, I create both group and personalised programmes to guide women to health, wellbeing and ultimately, happiness and freedom.