Laura Viale

Laura Viale

Nutrition Expert

Hi ladies! I’m Laura Viale and I am here to spread the message that women do NOT have to suffer through the phases of menopause! Not only do you have options to help ease your symptoms and improve the quality of your life, but you DESERVE to feel mentally and physically fantastic. 

My mission is to help women understand what’s happening in their bodies as we transition to menopause and beyond, and to teach them how to relieve their symptoms naturally using Functional Nutrition and Ayurveda.  

Though there is a pervasive message out there that women’s bodies are broken once we reach perimenopause, and that we need to be fixed, I believe our bodies are well equipped to handle the fluctuations in hormones as we go through perimenopause when we give our bodies: 

  • the right nutritional support, 
  • practice healthy lifestyle habits proven to decrease stress and inflammation, 
  • and when we connect, appreciate, and work WITH our incredible bodies instead of fighting against them. 

I’m passionate about teaching and guiding my clients to balance their hormones from the inside out, so they have better moods, better sleep, shorter, lighter periods, and better overall health. Not only do I teach my clients to learn the cues of their bodies to determine what actions to take so they can STAY in balance, but they learn to create a lifestyle that will support their long-term health, reducing their chances of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimers and more. 

My wellness journey began when I entered the wellness industry as a Massage Therapist in 2001. I’ve been obsessed with all things natural wellness ever since. Over the past 20 years, I have founded and created several businesses including a thriving Wellness Center in Massachusetts, which served thousands of clients for 10 years before closing due to Covid. My work with women’s health has included helping them improve their energy levels and overall health, and teaching women in various stages of menopause about correcting hormone imbalances naturally as a Functional Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach. 

My latest passion project is taking all I’ve learned in the past 2 decades, and putting all my knowledge, training, and experience into a comprehensive wellness program to teach women in perimenopause how to listen to the guidance of their body and create a lifestyle they love that will support their body’s hormonal balance. We are designed to thrive! We CAN navigate perimenopause with ease and experience better moods, better sleep, better energy, and shorter lighter periods less frequently.

If you’d like to learn more about how to experience perimenopause with more ease using the power of food and lifestyle practices, visit my facebook page!

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