Kristina von Oertzen

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach & Digestive Health Expert at Bloom Lab

I guide midlife women through the whirlwind of their peri to post-menopause changes when they are battling late-night cravings and secret snacking, think they need to excessively workout to get their “younger self” body back and resent calorie counting that makes them feel like the only way they can lose weight is to constantly feel hungry.

I support my clients in designing unique, comprehensive nutrition strategies for their changing hormones and efficient workouts in under 90 minutes per week that are tailored for even the busiest schedules so that they can eat their favourite desserts, say goodbye to stubborn belly fat that seems to be impossible to get rid of after turning 40, and confidently wear that dress again that’s getting dusty in the back of the closet.

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