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Hi! I am Kirsten Alberts, and I am a Support and Trauma Counsellor.

But I wasn’t always. I was also a Criminologist. Working my way through prisons and the police, to perps and profiling, I ended up in intelligence, fighting organized crime in the diamond mining industry. When I married and became a mother, I decided a less trigger-happy job would be in order, so I agreed to take a nice comfy position in my family’s communications business. After working with criminals all day, you would think a nice cushy family-run office job WOULD be comfy, but it was anything but. Murderers and thieves had more integrity than my co-workers, and were less likely to stab me in the back than my suspects ever were. My sense of duty kept me trying and failing to fix the problems in a family and company that was so toxic, it nearly broke me. When I decided to leave my job before it actually did, my punishment was severe. My family grappled with getting me, my marriage, and my child under their control, and eventually I was disowned and disinherited. Depressed and desperate to put the pieces of my life together, I went back to my roots. If I could solve crimes, why people commit them, and how the hell their victims were supposed to survive it all, I could figure this out too. And I did.

If you need support and guidance through toxic, emotional, and narcissistic abuse, feel free to contact me at:

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