Julie Blatherwick

Julie Blatherwick

Founder of Verdandi-EQ

I am an educator and professional facilitator. I’m also someone who has put myself back together after the trauma of family violence. My personal experience navigating that journey, and my struggle to find the right blend of support informs the innovative work I now do to engender change. Through Verdandi-EQ, I help women who have escaped family violence and feel ‘stuck’ with the emotional and psychological damage it left behind. Our flagship program, Reclaim Your Light, supports women to step out of any shadows of shame, guilt or stuckness to travel their own path to freedom and healing.

How does this connect to Perimenopause?

As our hormones change, many women experience changes in their emotional life. They may feel anger, frustration, sadness, grief or a sense of loss, disappointment, lack of motivation, anxiety and more. These feelings may be in relation to our relationships, friendships, careers, or life in general. And that’s where the crossover to Verdandi-EQ comes in. Hormone changes don’t necessarily ‘create’ emotions but rather can make them bigger, more intense, more difficult to manage, or bring into focus feelings we didn’t consciously know we felt. Trauma can take time to emerge; abused women can remain unaware of how what they’ve experienced continues to impact them – sometimes for years. Perimenopause and the associated hormonal changes can, in some situations, facilitate that emergence of trauma.
Reclaim your Light enables women at any stage to develop emotional safety and to grow their insight and confidence. They join a peer community in a 12-week trauma informed program of blended online learning, connection and professional support. We utilise cognitive, emotional, somatic and psychological tools and techniques as we explore the Self, Emotions, Empowerment and Connection (SEEC framework).


“Julie is a gifted facilitator with an incredible skill in connecting to people, and with these skills is also a deep desire to help… Julie’s approach is grounded in kindness and wisdom and has an intuitive and holistic aspect which has provided me with clarity and constructive advice during my challenges. She ‘listens’ and ‘hears’, so her observations were valuable and delivered in a way that was relevant and I could integrate them into my everyday life.” – Jennifer E

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