Julie Ann Garrido

Yoga Teacher

Hi Ladies – I am a certified yoga teacher and founder of Yourself Yoga – a private yoga teaching specialist who works mainly with women battling perimenopause and menopause. I currently live in Miami with my husband and two dogs, but I am very much British born and bred.

Aged almost 58, I am officially post-menopausal. Thanks to yoga, my journey through menopause has been easier than most. However, I recall my early forties when my journey first began, and the struggle was very real. Looking back, I only wish I had access to more information about perimenopause and the kind of help provided by this wonderful Hub. My life would have been so much easier.

When founding Yourself Yoga, I decided that my mission would be to help women, particularly those who are new to yoga, use proven techniques to alleviate their symptoms. Through physical postures, it’s possible to combat hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, and depleted energy, whilst breathing and meditation techniques can help reduce anxiety and stress.

As well as teaching privately, I also run wellness retreats for those who simply wish to press pause on life and take time out to regroup, refocus and rejuvenate. Whilst not exclusive to peri/menopausal women, these retreats are perfect for boosting confidence and self-esteem – qualities that tend to evaporate as we descend into menopause. Through a combination of yoga, meditation, workshops and adventure, the retreats help you rediscover the person you once were prior to perimenopause.

To help more women understand the power that yoga has in helping combat hormone fluctuations, I have compiled my first e-book ‘How To Fight Menopause With Yoga’. It demonstrates a selection of simple yoga poses that anyone can do. Some are restorative, some are energy boosting, and others focus specifically on symptoms such as hot flashes. It’s completely FREE and can be obtained from my website.

Ladies let’s learn how to win the fight against peri/menopause together!