Jo Jones

Therapist, mindfulness teacher and author

Meet Jo, ‘The Perimenopause Mind Medicine Woman’  


A seasoned therapist, mindfulness teacher and author, Jo is helping thousands of women to:

  • hush their anxiety, brain fog, and overwhelm,
  • reset, recharge, and restore!
  • reconnect with who they truly are…and what they REALLY want, and
  • live happier, calmer lives on their ‘peri pathway’.

  Having hit perimenopause like a speeding freight train, Jo spent far too long believing that there was something very sinister happening to her, and then feeling stunned and disheartened at being unheard and dismissed by her GP before finally getting some support… which, even then, didn’t go quite far, or quite deep enough.

So, feeling there was a more useful way to support women, she decided to use her award-winning therapy and mindfulness skills and resources, to set about developing some essential mind medicine tools, to be the ‘go to’ powerful blend of science and soul…and the type of help she wished she’d had.

Jo lives in the West Country (UK), with her family, and three exuberant orange dogs.

For your first steps on managing peri anxiety, brain fog and overwhelm, hopping into Jo’s HushPeri Hub is definitely your next move! Inside, you’ll find:

  • A Peri Anxiety Guide
  • A Wheel of Life Balance Tool for clarity and focus
  • A needs mindset flowchart to ease brain fog
  • A HushSleep Bedtime Story audio for easy sleep
  • An audio track for feeling instantly safe and grounded
  • …& much more

Here’s the link to get in:

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