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Jeanette Brown

Jeanette’s pelvic health journey started at the tender age of thirty nine. After having four pregnancies and three births, Jeanette knew she may need professional help one day. Six weeks postpartum, her only pelvic floor care was a medical check-up, which gave her the green light to resume her physical activities. Wasting no time to fit into her regular clothes, Jeanette started regularly jogging with the family dog.

Three years later when she was out with friends watching a football (soccer) game, she jumped out of her chair after her team scored a goal, and leaked! It came from nowhere and took her completely by surprise. She sat back in her chair, and her first thought was, “Who saw that?” She felt embarrassed and ashamed and didn’t tell a soul. With her fitness and pilates background, Jeanette sought after a non-surgical or pad-wearing solution.

Jeanette became a qualified Level 3 Hypopressive Trainer and, within weeks of practising, solved her own bladder leaks. With her pilates background, coupled with Hypopressives, she offers you an exercise program solution to reduce bladder leaks, urgency and symptoms of prolapse. Originally from South Wales, United Kingdom, now residing in Toronto, Canada, Jeanette offers an online program to help women in any time zone.

Jeanette’s hobbies include swimming, gardening, reading, walking the dog and participating in amateur triathlons. Jeanette’s mission is to bring awareness and for you to realize there are other options than devices, surgery or absorbent pads and underwear. She is passionate about teaching the Core Restore Program, so you can experience the same benefits as she has.

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