Janine Rusted

My passion is helping the young and the older! I have many strings to my bow but the main way I work is that we look at what is not working for you. I help you understand why what you are doing, doesn’t work and how we can move forward. Listening deeply to your internal voice, the limitations, and find out what is stopping you living a happier life.

I work with 9+ teens who are struggling with who they are, confidence, every day challenges, relationships, overwhelm, stress and anxiety to help them feel unstuck and lighter, so they can gain freedom from their worrying thoughts. I am a licensed Iheart Facilitator and love working with young people to help them understand their mind, why they feel like they do, think and behave. Their animated programme is very impactful and transformational and I also offer coaching in between sessions or during.

I work with new business owners, or people who just have a dream and want to put it into action. I will create a step by step plan for you to take action on and hold your hand along the way. I have clients in the USA, Israel and the UK and I love seeing their businesses grow.

I also work with menopausal women, helping with their symptoms, mindset and focusing on their life plan.
It is time for you to look after you. Regain some power, help you get your mojo back and explore and create the life you really want.

Every coaching session is unique and making dreams come true is my passion. Seeing the transformation and being part of someone’s journey is a true passion of mine and no issue is too big.

Let’s have a chat to find your dream, whether it is starting a business, coping at school or feeling less worried, or good in yourself or finding your passion.

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