Jane Pangbourne

Peri Menopause Pragmatist

Founder of Menopausal Not Mad ™ ® 

Practical, no nonsense advice with peri & post-menopausal challenges

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Jane.

I help women find a practical solution to all things menopause & digestion related.

I founded Menopausal Not Mad as a natural progression from my 25+ years of working within the personal growth and nutrition industry, and of course my own experiences of being peri and now post-menopausal.

I’m an affiliate of the British Menopause Society (BMS) and a qualified mentor and nutritionist; as well as being a post-menopausal woman with an under-active thyroid and a temperamental digestion! so I understand your challenges only too well ladies.


What do I do?

I spend most of my time dispelling the myths about peri menopause; informing women about the facts and quickly getting to the bottom of their challenges.


When I’m not helping you with your health challenges, Im updating my own knowledge and am proud to have successfully completed a fact based menopause programme,delivered and underpinned by Dr Louise Newson & Newson Health.


What do you get with me?


I am your practical, no nonsense route to menopause support. I get the job done whilstwrapping a virtual arm around your shoulders.

I take a positive and practical approach to making you feel like you again. I don’t mess about you know! You will feel better when we work together. It’s my only rule!

How do I help you?

Clarity calls:

Initially you can book one of my clarity calls which costs you nothing and will allow us to briefly discuss what you need.

You can book that via this link (spaces are limited so please book asap)



Individual Consultations:

The most effective and popular option, is to book a one hour consultation with me which you can do if you click HERE or use this link:


You won’t believe what we can achieve in one hour!

I also offer specific programmes of support and memberships which you can find on my website: www.menopausalnotmad.co.uk

How can you find me?

Im all over social media but happy to go old school and speak on the phone if need be,so take your pick from any of my communication channels:

Email: jane@menopausalnotmad.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0)7944 811939

Website: www.menopausalnotmad.co.uk

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/menopausalnotmad/


All my articles and links can be found on this link: https://linktr.ee/menopausalnotmad

Join the free HRT & Hormone Help facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hrtandhormonehelp/

Instagram: @menopausalnotmad

Twitter: menonotmad

Time Zone: GMT 


I am available for 1:1 consultations and support: Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm (non UK members can email support@menopausalnotmad.co.uk if booking times are a challenge. I will always try to be flexible where possible)

Social Media

I will usually respond to social media comments and interactions very quickly but always within 24 hours.

*Email responses can take up to 48 hours.