Jane Pangbourne

Jane Pangbourne (SMACCPH)

Menopause Mentor

Founder of the Menopause support service Menopausal Not Mad ™ ® 

‘Helping women get a handle on their hormones’

I have been a coach and trainer for over 25 years, and help women all over the world to understand menopause and thrive during this phase of life.

I am post-menopausal and have never felt as in control of my life as I do now.

During my early forties and for the next 8 years, I experienced almost all of the possible symptoms of menopause, but it took years and too many doctors’ appointments for me to even realise that I was peri menopausal! (It’s always more difficult to diagnose yourself!) As a result, I have become informed and educated on all things menopause and as an affiliate of the British Menopause Society (BMS), I keep myself fully updated on all new research and case studies.

Accredited with the ACCPH; I hold numerous adult teaching qualifications, a Diploma in CBT and soon, a Psychology qualification

My husband and I live in Leicestershire (UK) as ‘empty nesters since our 4 children became independent adults.

During 2019, I made a number of positive life changes, including becoming pescatarian and giving up alcohol. This led to me founding the ‘My Alcohol Free Menopause’ movement to support menopausal women interested in an alcohol free menopausal life. (no pressure to do that unless it’s of interest!)

I am passionate about educating and supporting women to become the best version of themselves,and my clients view me to be that practical solution focussed person who gets the job done whilst wrapping a virtual arm around their shoulders J

My job is to:

Simplify & Share the facts

Research & dispel the non-facts

Inform, Support and Empower


We need to know how to consider menopause a positive experience!


o Younger women can experience an early menopause.
o Women in their 30s and 40s can experience the peri menopause for up to 10 years!
o Illness and surgery can put women into the menopause overnight!


Every woman needs to know what to expect, how to communicate her needs and how to ask for help and support in the most effective way.


Many women don’t even know they are experiencing menopausal symptoms until they finally ask for help; having wasted years accepting feeling less and less like themselves! It’s heart breaking and so unnecessary.

What do I do?

I help women negotiate a wide variety of elements of the peri menopause and beyond including:

1. Guidance with HRT and non-HRT alternatives
2. Advice on how best to approach doctor’s appointments
3. How to ask for support at home
4. What’s true and what’s not true about the symptoms!


I usually work with women directly, via my one to one consultations, and soon, within my exclusivemembership club, but where appropriate I will also refer clients to other specialists within menopause related areas such as digestion or fitness.

My sessions are via Phone or Skype/Zoom video call, to enable my international clients to access the same support as those in the UK and all my support is personable and tailored to the individual.

If Menopause is your challenge, then feel free to call me on +44 (0)7944 811939 or visit the website.There’s lots of free information to download.

You can live chat with me on the website or call direct between 0900 and 1800 GMT or at other times please email jane@menopausalnotmad.co.uk

NEW Website (Feb 2020): www.menopausalnotmad.co.uk

Stay positive and symptom free ladies

Jane x


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