Jane Pangbourne

Peri Menopause Educator

Founder of Menopausal Not Mad ™ ® 

Practical, no nonsense advice with HRT and menopausal challenges

Who am I?

I help women find a practical solution to all things HRT and Menopause related. I
founded Menopausal Not Mad as a natural progression from my 30+ years of working within the personal growth and nutrition industry, and my own experiences of being peri and now post-menopausal.
I’m an affiliate of the British Menopause Society (BMS) and a qualified mentor and
nutritionist; as well as being a post-menopausal woman with an under-active thyroid and a temperamental digestion! so I understand your challenges only too well ladies.
You can find out more about me HERE

What do I do?

I spend most of my time dispelling the myths about peri menopause, informing women on the facts about HRT and quickly getting to the bottom of their challenges. When I’m not helping with health challenges, I’m updating my own knowledge and am proud to have successfully completed a professional menopause support programme, delivered and underpinned by Newson Health.

What do you get with me?

I am your practical, no nonsense route to HRT support. I get the job done whilst
wrapping a virtual arm around your shoulders. I take a positive and practical approach
to making you feel like you again.


You can find my services on this link:
I’m wishing you happy hormones