Jane Pangbourne

Jane Pangbourne

Menopause Mentor

Founder of Menopausal Not Mad ™ ® 

Tackling Peri Menopause & Simplifying the Science

I help women like you to understand peri menopause and all the years beyond.

It took many years and way too many doctors’ appointments for me to even realise that I was peri menopausal! (It’s always more difficult to diagnose yourself!)

As a result, I have become informed and educated on all things menopause and as an affiliate of the British Menopause Society (BMS), I stay fully updated on all new research.

My clients view me to be that practical solution focussed person who gets the job done whilst wrapping a virtual arm around their shoulders.

Many women don’t even know theyre experiencing menopausal symptoms until they finally ask for help; having wasted years accepting feeling less and less like themselves! It’s heart breaking and so unnecessary.

If peri menopause is your challenge, then feel free to visit the website on www.menopausalnotmad.co.uk or email me direct on jane@menopausalnotmad.co.uk