Jana Mariana

Holistic Health Coach

Jana supports busy women in their 40s and beyond struggling with chronic stress bring their body and mind back to a state of peace in her signature program, Less Stress for Optimal Health.

Jana is a health coach and registered nurse who helps women just like you drop the stress so you can live a peaceful, vibrant life.

For over two decades, she has specialized in women’s health – from the research lab to the hospital. In that time, she has seen too many women dismissed by the healthcare system. Told that that the symptoms they are experiencing are normal and something they would have to endure. Or maybe they were offered a medication (or three) that ended causing more harm than good.

Jana, herself, has experienced this dismissal. In her late thirties, she was struggling with fatigue, chronic stress, anxiety, and debilitating periods, was told that the tests were all normal, therefore nothing was wrong. But she knew she couldn’t continue living this way.

She is here to offer you another way – to create a space where women are in charge of their health and wellness. She supports you in bringing your sparkle back with an eight-week program, Less Stress for Optimal Health.