Inna Duckworth

Medical Herbalist, MSc

Inna is a West Sussex based fully qualified Medical Herbalist with MSc (Distinction) in Herbal Medicine, a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

She helps women in their 40s to make sense of the seemingly unconnected symptoms, creating havoc in their lives, linked with hormonal changes: like bloating and other GI symptoms, period issues, hormonal imbalances, alterations in mood, memory issues, difficulty sleeping, stress, fatigue. Inna has a special training in working with intimate health, genito-urinary issues, such as UTI, hormonal changes.

Inna practices very scientific, research-backed clinical Herbal Medicine, integrating traditional medical models with modern evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine.  During the consultation Inna  will gather the information related to your medical history, relevant life circumstances  and review existing data from medical investigations and blood tests. Where necessary she would facilitate obtaining relevant laboratory investigations, e.g. DUTCH test (REGENERUS); GI and Female Intimate health panels (INVIVO).

After an individual consultation online or in-person, Inna offers treatment regimes in a form of individual blends of herbs, natural supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice. You would enjoy a discount at major UK supplement brands as Inna’s patient.

?Inna has a special interest in the ways that herbs can provide support during various emotional challenges. She has written a chapter entitled “Herbal Remedies” in “Mental Wellness”, a book published by Dorling Kindersley in 2021 and is collaborating with Neals? Yard as a lecturer.