Inna Duckworth

Medical Herbalist, MSc

Inna is a London-based fully qualified Medical Herbalist with MSc (Distinction) in Herbal Medicine, a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

She helps women in their 40s to make sense of the seemingly unconnected symptoms, creating havoc in their lives, and offers treatment regimes in a form of individual blends of herbs, natural supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Inna practices very scientific, research-backed clinical Herbal Medicine, integrating traditional medical models with modern evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine. 

Inna also offers spiritual healing (as a separate session). This development came from realisation that despite all the benefits of herbal treatments to her patients, often there was a deeper malaise which was difficult to reach.

She completed 2 years’ rigorous training in Plant Spirit Medicine: Taoist 5 Element Healing Protocols applied through energies of plants, with founder Eliot Cowan, the author of the book Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey Into the Healing Wisdom of Plants and the senior tutor Alison Gayek.

Inna thinks that both clinical Herbal Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine are like Yin and Yang, clearly defined, but inseparable parts, indispensable in restoring health and wellbeing at various levels.