How Rapid Transformation Therapy can help with Perimenopause (RTT)

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We are told that the peri-menopause and menopause are an inevitable part of the female aging process, as we transition from our ‘godess’ to ‘crone’ phases and that it’s something to be endured…. but is this really the case? Below I refer to ‘menopause’ for ease of label but this covers both stages of peri-menopause and menopause which can be a time to own our feminine it as we transition through a natural part of our bodies life cycle.

There is a considerable amount of research which shows that the biological and psychological response to menopausal symptoms is influenced by cultural beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and experiences.

In western culture

We are conditioned to believe that hot flushes are an inevitable consequence of the decline in fertility as we pass through our menopausal period; but in Japanese there is no  word for ‘menopause’ or ‘hot flush’ – because it’s not a part of their cultural expectations; and possibly a result of their diet. 

In the 1980s anthropologist Margaret Lock interviewed 1000s of women in the USA, Canada and japan about their menopausal symptoms and concluded that whilst genetics and diet contributed to a lower number of menopausal symptoms being reported in Japanese women their experience could also be a psychosomatic response to cultural expectations. Japanese medical culture simply doesn’t have the same inevitable expectations that western medicine has.

What does that really mean for western women though?

More and more research is showing that if our mind expects something to happen it will. Therefore the reverse is also true, we can use our beliefs and our mind to change what we believe, feel, think or act research has shown that adopted daughters experience similar period pains and symptoms to their adopted mothers simply because that’s what they observe and therefore believe to me ‘the norm’ even though there is no biological inheritance to generate the same symptoms.

If we believe that the menopause is going to be long and difficult because that was our mothers experience then it will be. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) helps clients get to the root cause of their issue and work with their subconscious to reprogram their beliefs using a combination of hypnotherapy neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitivebehavioural therapy (CBT) and neuropsychology. It can help clients take control of menopausal symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, hot flushes to realign the mind and body. Using RTT menopause symptoms can be reduced or eliminated, to guide women swiftly and easily through this life transition without unpleasant side effects.

Right now you might be asking how this is possible?

RTT uses a number of techniques to identify beliefs that we aren’t even aware we have buried deep in our subconscious, such as ‘the menopause is an unpleasant process and I’m going to have to suffer during this time of my life”. You may have created these beliefs because of the experience your mother, grandmother or other female relatives had, or even just wider cultural expectations. 

Together we can identify these self limiting beliefs using hypnotherapy and use a number of tools and techniques to interpret the belief process and instil new beliefs such as “I cruise through my menopause easily and effortlessly”, and create a personalised recording for you to listen to for 21 days after you session which works collaboratively with your subconscious to reset your body’s natural processes and command your cells to operate as per their genetic blueprint – thinking it as restoring factory settings for your body.

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