Hormones & Breathing

Deergha Swasam (3 part Breath)

We assume a comfortable seated position or we lie on our backs with our feet comfortably grounded with a color red to the Earth. We may rest our hands by our sides or in our laps (on our bellies if we are lying supine) and we inhale through our nose, filling our belly-ribs and chest. We pause and then inhale a little bit more. We exhale belly-ribs and chest, emptying the body of breath. We gently hold the breath out, 1,2, then inhale slowly and fully again for 3 to 7 minutes.

This is an excellent tool to use to go to sleep as well. Breath retention connects our mind with our body, creating oneness. This breathing technique engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which emphasizes re- storing the natural balance of our body systems through deep rejuvenating rest which facilitate our digestion and our absorption of nutrients into our body´s blood stream.

Sun Meditation

Happy am I.

Healthy am I.

Holy am I. (Whole am I.)

We inhale the right index finger to close the right nostril and we breathe using the left nostril only.
We may rest the left hand by our side or in our lap. We exhale and gently touch the tip of the left
thumb with the ring finger (gently touching finger tips).
(This mudra, the thumb absorbs all excessive energies and the ring finger represents the water element or our emotions.
Thus this mudra (yoga for the hands), balances our emotional state of being.
We breathe for 3 minutes:

Inhaling (filling our belly, ribs and chest with breath), we internally chanting:
Happy am I.
Healthy am I.
Holy am I. (Whole am I).

We comfortably retain the breath here, counting 1,2, then we exhale, internally chanting:
I AM happy!
I AM healthy!
I AM holy or whole!
We gently hold the breath out, 1,2 and inhale again, repeating for 3 minutes.

With our eyes shut, we gaze up between the eyebrows, gently massaging out pituitary gland (the
master gland), which in itself balances the hormonal system.
Left nostril breathing engages our parasympathetic nervous system, which allows us to rest, aiding
our body in helping itself.
3 minutes engages the beta brainwave of healing and relaxation.

To receive maximum benefits, it is recommended to practice daily at the same hour.
The Sun Meditation aides our process of neuroplasticity, changing our thought patterns, creating
inner peace and well-being.

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