Hillary Baggett

Co-founder of Community Bloom

As the co-founder of Community Bloom, an online organization dedicated to empowering women, my passions include connecting others, helping people, lifelong learning, my faith, as well as time with my friends and family.

I am also a licensed Occupational Therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapy practitioner, (sometimes)health nut, wife to a retired Marine, mother of 21- and 18-year-old emerging adults, and serial travel-adventure addict. My superpowers include worldclass problemsolving, and realistic and achievable goal-setting, mixed with vulnerability and seeing what is truly in someone’s heart, so that I can encourage them.

In late 2020, after the lowest of lows and hormonal fluctuations that nearly ended both my marriage and my life, I sought professional help in therapy, hired a life/ health coach, and in July 2021 had a total hysterectomy with reconstructive surgery. While on the peri-menopause rollercoaster and path to recovery, through many conversations with friends and mentors, I realized that I was not alone.  

And, you know what? That is when I knew, there are other women many millions of them who need a tribe of fellow warriors, to make a fresh start, to find support, and to connect.

Community Bloom is for all women. Together, we will find our mission or purpose for the next chapter, mentor each other, and ensure that each woman knows she is not alone.