Please be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist before beginning any supplements, especially if you are currently using any medications/supplements.


Hormone Balance:

Licorice root: Hormone regulator
Red clover: Estrogenic
Spirulina: Overall endocrine system support
Ashwagandha: stress reliever/ hot flashes
Pueraria Mirifica: Estrogenic
Maca Root



Maca root: Hormonal balance
Passion flower: Sedative
Rose: All around woman’s herb (take as tea)


Hot Flashes:

Milk thistle: Liver support
Maca root: hormone balance
Sage: Hormonal balance
Ashwagandha: hormonal balance
Pueraria Mirifica: hormonal balance



Lemon balm: Relaxing
Valerian Root
Magnesium: stress reducer



Motherwort: sedative
L-Theanine (Sun theanine): Anti-anxiety/relaxation
Vitamin B Complex
Omega 3 Oil
Vitamin D (also good for osteoporosis and cancer prevention)


Thinning Hair:

Spirulina: Endocrine system support
Kelp: Endocrine system support

For more information on HERBS & SUPPLEMENTS visit the holistic hub! 

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  1. Karen Shrubb says:

    If I got hrt for the perimenapause and which ones are the best, I have put so much weight on and I feel disgusting I have joined a gym for my mental state I just want to loose weight not put anymore on please help I’m at the end of my tether 🙏😭😩

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