Heidi Vanregan

Heidi Vanregan

Skincare Expert

I’m Heidi and I love skincare. 

Skincare is not just some passing trend to me – I do skincare every single day! I’m 45, and I’ve been caring for my skin since the age of 14. In that time I’ve collected a lot of skincare knowledge and I want to share it with you. I also want to inspire and empower you to take control of your skin. I believe that anyone can improve their skin if the effort and patience is there. Think of me as your buddy with the great skin who shares all her best tips with you.

I started Skincare Heidi to help you think about skincare in a new way. A way that creates clear results, not confusion. A way that cuts through the misinformation to find solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. This is the Skincare Heidi Method.

There are no one-size-fits-all answers in skincare so the Skincare Heidi Method is all about personal empowerment. Every face is different and everyone has different skin – it’s your face and you should know it better than anyone. So while I can’t read a crystal ball that reveals your ideal regimen I can support you in making an educated guess as to what might work for you. You can learn how to decide for yourself which advice to follow and how to test it.

My method is based on TRIAL and ERROR and uses the scientific method of eliminating multiple variables. I will teach you how to test one thing at a time so that you can build a skincare routine that is practical and efficient.

Using the Skincare Heidi Method I can also:

  • demonstrate techniques to make the most of your time and products.

  • guide you in planning for the future so that your skincare continues to be effective.

  • work with you to examine specific issues that are common but difficult to deal with.

  • convert you from thinking of *anti-age* skincare and help you transition to a routine that supports overall health, calm and beauty.

  • Offer my services as a SKINCARE COACH

Let’s work together to find your glow 💙