Gill Bauer

Women’s health specialist

I started my Perimenopause journey 9 years ago. Back then Menopausal Women were not being supported, I felt alone, isolated, and learnt mainly through trial and error. Thankfully the situation is changing with many like minded Women Specialists and Experts in Menopause here to support other Women as they go through their own unique Menopause Journey.

Menopause from an Holistic Approach, of course fully open to all Medical options including HRT, yet fully understand that for many Women, HRT is not an option, it hasn’t worked to eradicate all the symptoms, or Women want different options and clearly there were something missing, areas of Health not being addressed by the Medical Profession and GP’s.

Each Women’s journey through Menopause is completely unique to them, although there are over 40 symptoms, we don’t always get them in order, or experience them the same. Each of us, have bespoke Menopause experience that may need a bespoke solutions and options.

Many Women do sail right through the Menopause with little disruption to their lives, who have accepted this transition with grace and poise. Many of those Women found the support they needed to help them to ride the waves.

For others, its not been such an easy time every day feels like a lot of energy just trying to ‘batten down the hatches’ and prepare for the storm. Support has not been there, information is patchy and the journey feels hazardous and life does not seem like plain sailing.

Support is available, Education and Information is available. There are ways you can take back control. I will be sharing my own journey to date, as I ticked off many of the 40 Menopausal symptoms, which lead me to become a Menopause and Women’s Pelvic Health Specialist and Coach, incorporating my Kinesiology skillset, Qigong, Yoga and Nutrition for better Health. Offering both (face to face) Treatments, Classes, Workshops and NOW on-line support too.

Gill Bauer, qualified and experienced Peri to Post Menopause, Hysterectomy and Adore your Pelvic Floor Coach and Movement Prescription Specialist. I bring to this group all my skills, qualifications years as a Fitness Instructor, Scuba Diver (Ocean Lover) and a number of different modalities including Kinesiology, Bioenergetics/Nutrition and Energy Medicine, and collaborating with other Women’s health specialists who are all so passionate about empowering Women to be more Empowered.