Geraldine Walters


I come from a family of public service workers including a fireman, nurse and teacher, so I suppose that an interest in people is ‘in the blood’.
I’ve worked as a skin care therapist and electrolysist for over twenty years and see women of all ages who come to me with the associated issues that come with each stage in life.
The majority of my clients are peri menopausal and post menopausal women who are looking for assistance in maintaining good skin health and addressing the issues of ageing in general. The hormonal chaos of PCOS and perimenopause brings women with acne, rosacea, pigmentation and hair growth to my clinic every week. You are not alone with this. But I also treat men and teens and anyone looking for help with all things skin related.
I’m friendly and informal and happy to try and answer your questions in an accessible way. Years of teaching in FE should help this.
At home, I’m one of three vegan sisters. I’ve got an interesting teen and a darling greyhound. Check out my treatments on ​​
Looking forward to meeting you.

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