Fiona Pitt

Personal Trainer

Hi there, I’m Fiona. I am a body inclusive personal trainer and non-diet health and nutrition coach. I had been extremely fit and healthy competing in CrossFit competitions and running half marathons before perimenopause hit me like a tonne of bricks shortly after my 50th birthday.

Why aren’t we taught about perimenopause earlier so that we can be prepared before it starts? After seeing many of my clients struggling similarly with the symptoms of perimenopause I decided to research the topic in depth so that I could help them through this disruptive time. I now specialise in helping women who are going through the hormonal changes of perimenopause find their own unique healthy balance with their diet and exercise so that they regain their vitality and a peaceful relationship with their food and their body. I am not about quick fix weight loss programs that may lead to temporary weight loss but then result in rebound weight gain and feelings of frustration and failure. This is where my coaching techniques differ from other personal trainers and nutritionists.

With over 10 years experience in personal training using the non-diet approach, I help my clients break the yo-yo dieting cycle and achieve a lasting transformation through mindful and intuitive eating practices that fit with their day to day life. I also help them find enjoyable exercise alternatives tailored specifically to their individual needs. I am very fortunate to live in the beautiful coastal town of Port Macquarie, Australia with my husband, two teenage sons, two dogs (who think they’re people) and an aloof cat. I also have two adult children who have flown the nest and that I miss everyday. When I’m not training my clients in the gym or coaching online, you’ll find me exploring one of our many National Parks or enjoying the local coastal walk and beaches.

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