Farah Kariamburi

Menopause Nutrition and Fitness coach

Farah Kariamburi is an award-winning Menopause Nutrition and Fitness coach, as well as being an author, speaker and blogger on those and allied topics. She is the CEO and  the founder of the Deep Body Health.

Around 9 years ago after the birth of her second son, Farah suffered from severe postnatal depression and managed to heal herself through running, cultivating positive mindset behaviours and changing her nutritional habits. Since then Farah has helped hundreds of other women recover from poor menopausal symptoms, poor mental health and low confidence via her online platform.

Recently she won the SME Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire Community Business of the Year Award 2020, for her work for coaching women in the deprived areas of Milton Keynes. Her new eBook, Whole Body Health, will be published in January 2022.

Here is link to my FB group which is Free to join. This is where I go Live every Tuesday evening at 8.00pm and talk about a specific topic relating to peri/menopause often asked by the group members. 


Here is a link to my calendar which is open to all Peri Hub females wanting a Free 30 Minutes chat with me.


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