Emma Reynolds

Mindfulness Expert for stress reduction

I am well and truly in Perimenopause and have experienced first-hand the power of Mindfulness practices as a way to deal with this next stage in my life. I really hope I can help and support other women as they navigate these sometimes challenging times.

Mindfulness is an invitation to train your attention and to begin to change your response to unpleasant experiences, whether they are feelings of anxiety or overwhelm, hot flushes or physical pain. Stress exacerbates perimenopausal symptoms and having the symptoms is stressful. If you can get in between the experience and your judgement, something new begins to appear. Rather than fighting your experience, you can learn to be with it, and that feels a lot less stressful. Mindfulness is also an invitation to step out of the over-thinking mind, to be kinder to yourself and to begin to appreciate what is good in your life.

There’s already over 30 years of scientific research that consistently shows that Mindfulness can enhance physical and mental well-being. More and more research is now coming out showing that Mindfulness also helps lower the effects of perimenopausal symptoms. Inspired by this I’ve created a 4 week online self-paced course to help support women. There is more information on my website here: https://www.mbsr-mindfulness.com/courses

Mindfulness projects so far:

Through my continued collaboration with Macmillan Education I’ve reached 30,000+ teachers world-wide through webinars on Mindfulness.
I’ve created Macmillan’s first Mindfulness course for primary students.
I’m a regular teacher on the App “Wellness Coach”, offering Mindfulness Q & A sessions, weekly online meditations and am now creating Mindfulness courses for their corporate groups.
I create and deliver webinars and courses for corporate groups online and in person with clients such as Mearsk, Liberty Insurance, MyTaxi App, Cellnex.
I’ve also worked with a variety of private clients: CEOs, teachers, professional business women, professional musicians and actors, full-time mothers and of course, perimenopausal women.