Emma Jayne

Emma Jayne

Positive Ways (https://positiveways.co.uk/) is founded on the fundamental assertion that more potential is unleashed when we co-operate, narrate, tell stories, and help each other learn. Peers learn from each others’ life, business, family, and career stories or experience. This collaboration is important in the modern fast-paced, dynamic, changing world filled with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, & Ambiguity (VUCA).

The PW approach captures this in its Dynamic Experiential Narrative Theory (DENT©). A peer is useful when they are independently healthy, integrate with their social world, and are focused on a collective way forward. DENT© terms these three concepts Solidity, Mutuality, and Purposefulness.(https://thedentmodel.com/)  

Emma’s primary occupation is as a Peer Coach, Psychologist, & Teacher. She has worked for a decade in the NHS, Private, and Voluntary sectors holding senior roles, and now runs several businesses.

She has co-founded, and runs, an accredited community college (https://ccfac.org/ ) that teaches the DENT based accredited peer professionals’ programmes from Levels 2 to 5, alongside her business partner, Keith Abrahams.

Emma co-founded a Community Interest Company, The Adept Living Foundation CIC (ALFCIC), that supports the more vulnerable in the community, and is now run by peers who have been through the accredited programmes. She continues to volunteer her services as a consultant, teacher, peer coach, and facilitator of the ALF communities of practice.( https://alfcic.org/ )

Emma conducts her own research and is particularly interested in the fact that the scientific evidence is beginning to show that trauma, stress, & social challenges, are the underlying cause of emotional & mental health challenges. Thus, she has a specialist interest in supporting those who have suffered, and are recovering from, the effects of these challenges, as well as educating people about informed choice in mental health care. (http://www.emmajaynes.com/)

Emma is also trained in a range of complementary therapies and energy healing modalities, the ethos of which often inform her mainstream work. (https://amme.live/)

In addition, she has a very academic and vocational interestsacross: Social/Cultural Theory, Feminism, Art History, & Music.

Emma’s interest in supporting women during perimenopause, is in finding meaning in our experiences of perimenopause, and applying healthy storytelling to these experiences. This might involve looking at our specific emotions and sensations, and ascertaining what they mean for each of us, in the context of our own lives and situations. We might dare to venture into the unknown and see this time as an opportunity. For what? This is down to you to decide 😊

You can contact Emma at : emma@positiveways.co.uk

Telephone : 07791 520388