Emma Jayne

Emma Jaynes

Psychologist; Therapeutic Peer Coach, Complementary Medicine Practitioner, and Teacher.

Emma will work with you across all five essential domains of life (physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual), and encourage you to identify and attend to unmet needs, helping you to retell the story of your past, and then to envisage and tell you future story so that you can reach your aspirations and vision for your life, no matter how difficult and challenging things might feel for you right now.

She does this using a unique mix of the latest psychological research insights, peer coaching tools and techniques, health and nutrition coaching, and wisdom from some of the ancient traditions and complementary medicine. Her own life experience demonstrates that it is possible to ‘come back’ from any situation or health condition, with willingness to work at it, and she brings this inspiration to everything that she does. 

Emma has specialist interests in Trauma, Life Stress, Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue, and Perimenopause. She can help people recover from these as well as many other physical, emotional, and mental health challenges. 

You can contact Emma at : emma@positiveways.co.uk