Emily’s Getting Started Exercises

Getting Started Exercises

Right now you feel lethargic. You are sedentary most of the time. By the time you’ve driven to work, worked hard all day, then driven home, you’re exhausted.

And that’s before you have all the chores and so on to do. When people say they’re off to the gym you wonder how on earth they can have the energy for that. There’s that part of you, though, that would love some extra energy. Would love to want to be active.

Would love to get out there more. That part of you knows you’d feel better, have better health, feel less stressed.

Within a very short time exercising for just 10 minutes at a time, you’ll start to feel more energised. You’ll want to find time to get moving. All this in the safety of your own home. While you’re getting into the habit of moving more, you’ll start to work through those barriers that have stopped you in the past.

Maybe you are already super busy so it feels like another energy-drain, could be you have always considered yourself a “non-sporty” and that exercise is for other people

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